In an ocean of icy style Verri is an island of warmth, soul and humanity. Here’s the thing - most of the time we’re filming someone who is telling us about themselves. We will have an idea about the sort of things we want them to say but the joy of it all is how they say it, the unexpected, the nuance, the human, the stuff you can’t script. Early on in our decades of collective experience we learned to embrace the adventure involved in making a film. This may be the travel to somewhere exotic, meeting someone unexpectedly eloquent, reacting quickly to an unforeseen opportunity, seeing the soul in the unplanned.

This approach gives our films a personality that you won’t find through an exercise in mere style.

What we're not. 

We’re not interested in our own creative vanity over what’s right for your film. It’s your audience, not ours.

We’re not in pursuit of clicks for click’s sake. We make films that influence and engage your audience. 

What we are.

We are a friendly team of film makers with credits with all the major UK broadcasters and many of the most influential brands in the world.

We source, produce and film great stories, people and locations all over the world.

We do it efficiently, collaboratively and offer great value.

We are helpful, enthusiastic and have a genuine love for the journey.

We are story re-tellers.