The Roald Dahl and the Interrotron

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre asked us to create three films about the Museum and surrounding area. The team at the Museum wanted content for the website that would encourage people to visit, and make the most of Great Missenden, the place where Dahl lived and wrote, and used extensively in his children's stories. Each film targets a different audience – Adults, Teachers and Kids. 

We knew this was a great opportunity to use the Interrotron - a piece of kit that uses magic mirrors to have your subject looking down the lens, but they can see the interviewers face reflected back at them - making it easier for non professionals to deliver straight down the camera (if it’s good enough for Errol Morris) It’s a great way to have our subjects speak directly to the viewer.

Our favourite was the kids film naturally. We shot tons of interviews with a stream of visitors on a busy Saturday at the Museum. It was an unscripted, free for all, drawing on their imagination, powered by a Roald Dahl immersion.

You can see the films here and here and visit the Museum here

Nick Kennedy