Some of our heroes

This summer we had the chance to work on a really exciting set of films for the launch of  Canon’s 5DIV. Not only did we get to trail some of the best photographers in the world, we got to go to a wedding in Romania, cosy up in a very luxurious London location, and receive the warmest welcome from a gypsy community on the outskirts of Rome.

It was fascinating to learn about the processes of all these photographers and experience the three totally different worlds they chose to shoot. Ultimately these films were about a camera – but what was really interesting was how a great camera becomes invisible – allowing them to capture what they imagine, or what they see.

We wanted each of our films to reflect the style of the photographers work.. which was a slightly daunting, but a great study of the choices they made about light, composition and subject. We all came away a bit in awe and inspired to make our Instagram feeds a bit more Jeff, and bit more Paolo and a bit more Lorenzo.

Nick Kennedy