No Excuses

We spend a lot of our time dreaming about getting better at our various hobbies, and then not doing it. We tell ourselves we  don’t have enough time… and we definitely don’t have enough time to learn anything new. Then we found Youtuber Mike Boyd

Imagine you can’t skateboard but want to lean to kick flip, it would take a few months right? – it took Mike 5 hours 47mins. Always wanted to learn the violin? Mike nailed it in 13 hours. Want to be able to solve a Rubiks cube in under 2 mins – Mikes did it in 16 hours. He just goes on and on, and on, learning new things.

When Canon asked us to find a content creator to make a new film with, Mike was obviously top of our list. He appeals to a really broad range of people (we’ve yet to find anyone who isn't charmed by him and inspired by his channel!), he knows a lot about cameras and he shoots everything himself.

The GX10 is perfect for content producers like Mike, and Canon were so confident of the performance of their new compact camcorder, they wanted us to shoot the entire project with it; behind the scenes as well as Mike’s shooting his own content with it. And there was something so refreshing about the camera and working with Mike, that we thought we should try something different too.  Youtubers are always making behind the scenes videos so let’s get Mike to shoot one with our help and that would do both jobs. 

A few weeks later and we were up in Scotland with the smallest kit bag we’ve ever taken on a shoot.

To make the project work we had to completely forget the way we approached making films and think about how Mike would make a behind the scenes film. It’s totally different to anything we’ve done before but we’re really proud of it.

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What’s more we are all learning new skills now too, Nick is learning to do Wheelies (he’s just hit 50m and very pleased about it) and Alex is learning to ride motorcross bikes. Saff is mastering Alex's party trick - it involves and paper bag and an invisible stone. We are indebted to Mike for inspiring us to learn new stuff. 

Nick Kennedy