What Does it Take?

This is news about news. We are really proud to see our latest film featuring Documentary filmmaker Laura Warner, and Video Journalist Edward Lawrence. Canon wanted a film about what it takes to shoot news - fast paced, unpredictable, unfolding events, delivered within tight deadlines. We thought we knew that world well, having worked in docs and news, BUT, meeting and working with these two superseded our expectations – as broadcast professionals - they are really truly inspirational.

Laura travels the world shooting and directing for the BBC, C4 and Discovery, and France 5 in extreme environments – she’s worked as an embed with the British, US, Bangladeshi and Iraqi military, shot undercover in factory farms in China, investigated gangs trafficking kidneys around the world, and documented the Black Mambas- the world's first all-female anti-poaching unit… Lunch time crew chats in production usually turn into a game of  ‘shoot Top Trumps’…she pretty much wins hands down - she’s double hard (as well as calm, collected, super funny and very a talented self shooting wonderwoman)

XF405 Lifestyle Laura Warner 4.jpg

Edward Lawrence is equally as prolific, before graduating from Bournemouth Uni – he was spending his summers travelling to Calais, well before the story of the migrant camp blew up in the main media outlets. His work has featured on BBC News, BBC Two, ITV News, Newsnight, Sky News and international networks and has included self shot pieces about unaccompanied child refugees, London terror attacks, The Grenfell tower disaster, The General Election 2017, and the Catalonia crisis. Following him over a few days in London, we could see the XF405 coming into its own producing outstanding picture quality (a must in an age of scrolling, rolling news), as well as being compact and discreet in tense situations, and engaging with people who may have had the best, or worst day of their lives.

XF405 Lifestyle Edward Lawrence 4.jpg

In our initial interviews with Laura and Edward, we were struck simply by how much they have to do, alone, under such immense pressure. They are arriving in a news worthy event, having to decipher what’s happening, who to talk to, and what to shoot to tell the story, as well as ensuring they are safe, and that the story they are telling is accurate and reflects the truth of those affected. ‘You know what it’s like’ Edward said, when he mentioned he slept with a bag ready to go with his camera and his passport ‘just in case you get that call at 4am saying 'get here now’', We nodded ‘..yeah yeah...' but in truth, no, we have never got up for work at 4 O'clock in the morning without knowing the night before, and setting at least two alarms.

They both embody Canon’s Live for the Story spirit, certainly have what it takes (which is A LOT) and genuinely love their what they do. Their dedication to covering world events big and small would resonate with anyone working in production, and if your anything like us, be a little bit awe struck.

Nick Kennedy